Starting with papers published in 2014, and continuing with papers published in 2015, and 2016, for the last three years the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD) has awarded an annual Editors' Choice Paper Award. As stated in Shapour Azarm's 2014 Editorial, the selection criteria for the award include (i) fundamental value of the contribution, (ii) expectation of archival value (e.g., expected number of citations), (iii) practical relevance to mechanical design, and (iv) quality of presentation.

For the 2017 Editors' Choice Award selection, after compiling a list of high quality papers (all published in 2017) nominated by the Associate Editors (AEs) and Guest Editors, I formed a three-member ad hoc committee representing different topic areas of JMD. In addition to the nominated papers, I asked the committee to consider papers that were chosen as 2017 Featured Articles.1 After carefully considering all of these papers, I am pleased to announce that the committee's final selections for the 2017 Editors' Choice Paper Award and three Honorable Mentions are:

2017 Editors' Choice Paper Award

Joran Booth, Jeffrey Alperovich, Pratik Chawla, Jiayan Ma, Tahira Reid, and Karthik Ramani, 2017, “The Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet,” ASME J. Mech. Des.,139(10), p. 100904.

2017 Editors' Choice Paper Award Honorable Mentions (in No Specific Order)

Dipanjan Ghosh, Andrew Olewnik, Kemper Lewis, Junghan Kim, and Arun Laksmanan, 2017, “Cyber-Empathic Design: A Data-Driven Framework For Product Design,” ASME J. Mech. Des.,139(9), p. 091401.

Toumadher Barhoumi and Dongsuk Kum, 2017, “Automatic Enumeration of Feasible Kinematic Diagrams for Split Hybrid Configurations With a Single Planetary Gear,” ASME J. Mech. Des.,139(8), p. 083301.

Yong Hoon Lee, Jonathon Schuh, Randy Ewoldt, and James Allison, 2017, “Enhancing Full-Film Lubrication Performance Via Arbitrary Surface Texture Design,” ASME J. Mech. Des.,139(5), p. 053401.

The authors of the Editors' Choice Paper Award were presented with plaques during the August 2018 IDETC meetings in Quebec City. Authors of the honorably mentioned papers were awarded certificates.

Please join me in congratulating the authors of these four papers for their excellent work. I also would like to express my appreciation for all of the current and former AEs and GEs who participated in the nomination of the papers. In particular, I want to thank the ad hoc selection committee for their careful selection of the final awards. We look forward to more high quality publications in JMD.

All four papers are accessible for free viewing on ASME's Digital Collection homepage.