Machining is one of the most prominent manufacturing methods in automobile, aerospace and marine industries. The materials which are frequently consumed in such industries are hard to machine through conventional techniques. Therefore, it requires sophisticated process approaches and better cooling and lubrication environment. Hence, industries trend to use petroleum oil based MWFs because of the better cooling and lubrication properties. However, petroleum oil based MWFs express adverse health and environment effect throughout their lifecycle. Authors have formulated a white coconut oil based MWF as an alternative to the hazardous petroleum oil based MWF. The performance of the novel white coconut oil based MWF was evaluated via MQL approach for Inconel 718 and AISI 304. Machining experiments were conducted to investigate work tool interface temperature, cutting forces and compared them with commercially available MWF. Favorable results for the work tool interface temperature and cutting forces were obtained for the newly formulated MWF compared to the industrial available petroleum oil based MWF. Hence, the industrial applicability of the formulated MWF was confirmed for the selected cutting specifications for both work materials.

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