This standard was developed to be applied the superconducting magnet structure of ITER, Tokamak type fusion facility. The standard for the conformity assessment and quality assurance was decided as a subsection of the standard, to ensure the quality of the superconducting magnet structure for fusion energy. Conformity assessment is indispensable as well as quality assurance for the products to perform their function satisfactorily. Most of Japanese voluntary consensus standards in nuclear field limited their contents to technical requirements only, so conformity assessment has been performed by regulatory authority. Ensuring conformance to the standard is necessary to satisfy Japanese responsibility for in-kind contribution to ITER. For this purpose, fundamental requirements for conformity assessment were defined. Role and responsibility of Owner, Manufacturer, Installer, Qualified Inspector, Standard-Expert Engineer were defined. The requirements of certification for Design Specification, Design Report, Fabrication Specification, Installation Specification, Data Report were defined as well. In conformity assessment, realistic Qualified Inspection and Design Certification were pursued, considering the legislation, infrastructure and prospective user of standard in Japan. These procedures of certification and qualified inspection specific to national system were separated from main body as appendix for international user to adopt their own alternative system. The quality assurance requirements consists of 18 articles, such as organization, quality assurance program, design control, document control etc. were used. Each article was designed to constitute simplified performance based requirement. In addition, guidance was given in non-mandatory appendix for the users to apply performance-based requirements effectively.

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