Intensive research and development of Mega-float was implemented by Technological Research Association of Mega-Float (TRAM) in late 1990s. Mega-float is a concept of a pontoon type VLFS installed in protected calm water typically large bay, and the concept was promoted by TRAM after relatively long concept development phase in Japan.

This paper reviews the research and development of VLFS in Japan. The research and development of Mega-float is briefly reviewed firstly and two research and developments after Mega-float are reviewed.

Concerning development of Oil-Gas development, logistic hub concept has been developed by J-DeEP, a consortium comprised of major Japanese heavy industries, shipping company, ClassNK and NMRI, and proposed for presalt oil field development offshore Brazil.

Another research is pontoon type coal storage and offloading facility to be installed offshore South Sumatra, Indonesia. The coal storage and offloading facility was investigated by JIP comprised of JMU, ClassNK, Osaka University and University of Tokyo.

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