The dicing and filling is the most commonly method to fabricate the piezoelectric composite by the removing parts of the piezoelectric ceramics and filling with the polymer, which can improve the piezoelectricity of piezoelectric ceramics tremendously. The ceramics dicing quality affect the composite piezoelectric performance and the dicing mechanism is not clear now. In this study, the experiments were conducted to reveal the influence of the dicing parameters such as wheel speed and feed rate on the surface quality (including surface roughness, kerf width, surface damage width and height). The results show that with the increase of wheel speed and the decrease of feed rate, the surface roughness and surface damage width and height decrease gradually, while the kerf width is opposite. The feed rate has the greatest influence on the surface quality, followed by the wheel speed. In addition, the surface roughness of each ceramic dicing surface decreases from top to bottom. This study reveals the dicing mechanism of the PZT-4 and laid a fundamental understanding for piezoelectric composite performance.

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