In this paper, we propose a new type of DL-MCHS to improve the substrate temperature uniformity of the microchannel heat sink, and conduct the optimization of the New DL-MCHS. The heat transfer and friction characteristics of the novel DL-MCHS are studied by numerical simulation. We compare the heat transfer performance the new DL-MCHS with the traditional TDL-MCHS (the DL-MCHS with truncated top channels λ = 0.38). The results prove the effectiveness of the improved design by FLUENT simulation. When the inlet velocity is kept constant and coolant is water, the heat transfer performance of the New DL-MCHS is higher than that of TDL-MCHS leading to an increase of the temperature uniformity. In order to achieving the best overall heat transfer performance, an optimization of New DL-MCHS is performed by GA (genetic algorithm).

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