Slip flow in noncircular microchannels has been examined and a simple model for normalized Poiseuille number is proposed to predict the friction factor and Reynolds number product fRe for slip flow. The developed model for normalized Poiseuille number has an accuracy of 4.2 percent for all common duct shapes. As for slip flow, no solutions or graphical and tabulated data exist for most geometries, the developed simple model can be used to predict friction factor, mass flow rate, and pressure distribution of slip flow in noncircular microchannels for the practical engineering design of microchannels such as rectangular, trapezoidal, double-trapezoidal, triangular, rhombic, hexagonal, octagonal, elliptical, semielliptical, parabolic, circular sector, circular segment, annular sector, rectangular duct with unilateral elliptical or circular end, annular, and even comparatively complex doubly-connected microducts.

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