In modern high performance gas turbine aeroengines, the cooling of the turbine guide vane and/or blade is very important for the reliability of the component. The impinging jet with initial crossflow is one of the effectual ways for cooling the airfoils of the midchord region of the turbine guide vane and/or blade. For improving the cooling efficiency and analyzing the thermal stresses in these components, it is necessary to know the flow field and the temperature distribution. The three dimensional numerical analyses for the flow field and temperature distribution of the impinging jet cooling with initial crossflow have been presented in this paper. In this study, the non-staggered grid is used and the undulate pressure field can also be avoided. By comparing the different turbulence models, the low Reynolds number k-ε turbulence model developed by K. Abe and T. Kondoh is employed. The flow field of impinging jet with initial crossflow is very much complicated. By the numerical analysis, the form of the twin vortices, the effect of the jet-to-crossflow mass flux ratio on the heat transfer characteristics have been observed.

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