The integration of a fuel cell and a gas turbine is a natural evolution in the quest for improved generation efficiency with clean emissions. Integration is achieved by using the gas turbine compressor as the air mover for the fuel cell, and using the high temperature exhaust of the fuel cell to supplant the gas turbine combustor.

Edison Technology Solutions (ETS), the California Energy Commission, the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), and Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation are jointly sponsoring a project to design and fabricate a hybrid cycle power system that couples a Pressurized Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) generator module with a Micro Turbine Generator (MTG), to yield a system with a nominal capacity of 250 kW and a power generation efficiency approaching 60%. The SOFC will supply approximately 80% of the output power and the MTG 20%. The MTG functions primarily as a turbo charger for the SOFC with some additional shaft power available to turn an integral generator. The demonstration will be conducted at the University of California at Irvine. Startup is scheduled for the summer of 1999.

This project is expected to be the first demonstration of a hybrid cycle employing a pressurized SOFC to supplant the combustor of a gas turbine generator. The parameters of evaluation are the power output, electric generation efficiency, degradation characteristics, operability, and operating power range.

The primary project objective is to demonstrate successful startup and operation over the design power range at efficiencies approaching 60%. Secondary objectives are to evaluate operability, component reliability, and to conduct a design evaluation to develop improvements for subsequent designs.

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