This paper provides a simplified mathematical model of twin shaft gas turbine suitable for use in dynamic studies of both electric power generation plants and variable speed mechanical drive applications. The main purpose was to define a simulation block diagram, constituted by algebraic equations and simplified transfer functions, which can be easily derived from the gas plant design data utilising the suitable equations and nomographs presented in the paper. The 3 to 30 MW power range of twin shaft gas turbines is covered. The set-up parameters and details applicable to the model are listed, in the paper, for the various machine sizes and model series. The dynamic model has been developed by simplifying a more detailed one, also here presented, with relatively little loss in dynamic accuracy but considerable advantages in terms of computational time. In the proposed test case, the results of both models have been compared simulating the transient response of a twin shaft gas turbine powering a water-jet propulsor for high-speed ships. The accurate performance prediction capability of both models is verified, for a wide range of operating conditions, by comparison with test results from actual field installations.

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